In Marmesbal you can find a highly qualified staff in any kind of work stone. To a extense period of training we add the experience of carry out all our works with the highest quality and professionality, the result is the client satisfaction. That’s the most important aim for all the members of our company.

We are located in Llucmajor but we move around all the island. We join the most traditional part of our trade with the newest technology, in order to gain time and go on with the fixed terms. That’s the reason why we can reduce prices on our budgets clients.

Because, here, be faster is not the reason of a bad work.


Excavaciones Muñoz, S.L. Puts at our disposal any kind of heavy machinery, as well as trucks of various sizes, depending on the extent of work to be done.
Excavaciones Montecal. It’s one of our suppliers who provides us the stone used in our woks.

Oliver Tomàs Transports, S.L. Thanks to them we can offer our mini-excavator service.

Jardines Alegres, S.L. They are our gardening collaborators, that propose us the best idea for each client.

Almacenes Femenias, S.A. It’s our material building store, that’s always interested in make our work easier.